Your safety is our priority. All the cleaners are checked for body temperature on a daily basis at the beginning and at the end of their shifts.
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We are One Stop Solutions Company for all your Cleaning & Technical Needs!

Dubai is a very competitive place. There are so many attractions and opportunities that tend to weigh heavy on your time. Sometimes, the smaller, yet highly important aspects of life ‘no pun intended’ can create a storm. A perfectly clean and sparkling home is one of them. Through our own personal experiences, we realized how challenging this can be. Why should one partner take all the burden of making the home shine! Doesn’t he or she deserve what he or she desires?

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Perfection Technical

Services We Provide

Electrical Services
A professional plumber has the expertise and experience to repair any type of plumbing system, irrespective of the extent of the problems.
Painting services
You are prone to make mistakes, when you decide to conduct the work yourself. The surfaces may look sketchy or unattractive in that case.
Plumbing Services
A professional plumber has the expertise and experience to repair any type of plumbing system, irrespective of the extent of the problems.

Perfection Cleaning

Services We Provide

Fridge Cleaning Services
You are set to gain countless benefits, when you hire a professional company to clean your refrigerator. It not only looks much nicer
Carpet Cleaning
Millions of home and business owners have carpet at their places, because of its comfort and appearance. Of course, carpet is a great
Standard Cleaning
Cleaning is really a demanding task and when you try to do it yourself, it ends up looking not quite right. You need to hire professional cleaning services

Why Choose Us

The cleaning is all about the professional’s personal characteristics and personality style. Our cleaners are neat freak, and their focus of clean is same as yours. They are experts in eco-friendly cleaning.
Our professionals make it sure that they listen to your specific needs and demands. They are specialized in cleaning and while using different equipment, vacuum cleaners, they prioritize your requirements.
Primarily, it depends on different factors like living habits, presence of pets and children and importantly proximity from the major road. Still it’s better to use our services once every three months
Although trustworthiness is our biggest asset, still we advice to store your valuables and fragile items safely. Our hours of operation depends on your convenience, so no special preparations are needed to be made.
Our maids ensure, your home never suffers your absence. They respect the employer, respect rules, respects privacy and so on. They are loyal and understand their duty to protect your interests. They work with complete sense of obligation.

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